Monitor Your Online Reputation - GDPR EU 2022

When it comes to running your business and ensuring yourself in the best position possible for lead generation, online reputation is very important.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

When it comes to running your business and ensuring that you are putting yourself in the best position possible for lead generation, it is very important that you work on your online reputation.

When people are considering engaging with your business, they will likely monitor social media, look at review sites, Google you and sign up to alerts that pertain to your organisation. As such, having a good online reputation is paramount as people will be a lot less likely to engage with your services if major review sites and the first few pages of Google search paint you in a bad light.

Of course, though the importance of reputation management is clear, that does not mean much if you are unsure how you are supposed to manage said online reputation. A lot of organisations will opt for the help of an online reputation management company such as Igniyte to help out.

These types of businesses are great at making your brand’s reputation and online presence positive. They will do this using search engine optimization, burying negative mentions or content that has negative sentiment, and most importantly, will use online reputation tools that will allow them to work on online reputation monitoring.

Below, some of the best tools for online reputation monitoring are discussed in detail, so you will get a better idea how an online reputation management company will be able to help your brand online.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation – The Best Tools 

There are several different tools available that you could use to monitor reputation management. Some of the best and most effective are:

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a very popular tool that often gets used by organisations as it helps businesses monitor their SEO. It will be able to effectively track referral traffic and monitor brands so that businesses can receive notifications about them, specifically, notifications that will outline how visible they are for certain search results.

It is a great tool for a business to use due to the fact it is great for identifying how customers are likely going to find you and provide a quick overview as to what they will see when they do.

An example of the above can be seen in some sites that allow people to leave online reviews. Say your business is on Yelp and you have received quite a new review that does not paint you in a very positive light, you will be able to check how visible said review is to potential customers. If you can see it at the top of the first page, then you know that your company is going to have to push a site that is much better for your brand’s reputation.

It should also be noted that even though pushing sites that have more positive reviews is helpful, you are also going to need to be ensuring that your negative reviews are been seen to as well. This means handling customer complaints and asking satisfied customers to leave feedback on said review sites, so the negative search results are few and far between.

You could have a larger influx of reviews for these more negative sites by offering incentives for customer feedback. This is going to help with your overall brand awareness massively.

Google Alerts

Yes, you’ll have heard of them already but that’s because they are one of the most effective tools when it comes to online reputation management as they are great for monitoring brand mentions. Don’t get confused, there are certainly better tools to monitor your brand’s online presence out there, but you can save time scrolling through all of them by using Google alerts as it is totally free.

Essentially, you can set up some alerts that are assigned to both your company name, as well as your industry keywords. The tool can be used for a few purposes, one of the most popular is review monitoring. This is because any mention of your brand will come up, both negative and positive.

Not only that but you are also able to use the tool to get ideas for content creation. You will see the industry keywords that people are typing and what content they are searching for, this means that it is going to be very easy knowing what you should be writing about to rank higher on Google, as well as improve your online reputation by establishing yourself as a voice of authority.

Google alerts is incredibly easy to set up as all you need to do is type in a keyword for something that you would like to see notifications for and then you will be able to limit your options in terms of frequency and region. As such, you will receive notifications from googles multi-site monitoring whenever said keyword is mentioned.

Review Push

Review Push is a tool that is incredibly useful for review management. It is especially helpful if you have a business that operates within multiple locations because again, multi-site monitoring is offered by the tool. You are also capable of monitoring some of the reviews that have been made about your business on the social media sites, news sites and review sites. As such, by having an eye on every social mention of you, you can see your brand reputation incredibly clearly.

Thanks to the number of reports that are available, you will be able to properly analyse different review sites to work out how different stores rank against one another. You are also able to see if there are any sites you don’t rank on yet. If this is the case, then you are able to jump on this and improve your overall appearance on search results by pushing clients to talk about their customer experience on these empty review sites.

Finally, Review Push is incredibly helpful due to the fact you can set up email alerts for every new mention of your business. As such, you will be able to respond quickly to any reviews about your company, regardless of how positive or negative they might be. It is a great idea in the interests of time and customer communication to set up these automated email notifications.


This tool works very similar to Google Alerts but is predominantly used within the world of social media platforms. It is a lot more robust and will essentially keep an eye on any mentions of your brand that might be happening in online conversations.

In getting these kinds of notifications from these tools, you are going to be able to see what is being said in online conversations, publish related content either on a post-by-post basis or in a weekly newsletter and interact online with the same audience that are talking about you.

The app is very helpful but can take a lot of time to stay on top of as it will monitor over a billion daily sources for all social mentions of your business, which will come up regardless of whether they’re good or bad.


This is another one of the free tools on this list that can be used to monitor online reputation management. The service is great due to the fact there is no limit imposed on the number of searches that you can perform, despite it being free. The service is also available in a total of 187 different languages, again, meaning it is great if your online reputation monitoring is going to be taking place in several locations.

You can choose what you would like to monitor when using this app. It could be any social mention of you, but it could also pertain to hashtags and campaigns that might be getting used by your competitors on Google and on social media, which is going to give you great insight on how you can effectively get ahead.


Reviews are a very important part to online reputation management monitoring as such, somewhere like ReviewTrackers is great to use. In most circumstances, you are unable to simply remove content from Google and as such, you need to ensure you are on top of what is being said about you. With this management platform you can set up email notifications that will let you know about what is being said about your business. You can get this as a mobile app too in case you would like to keep an eye on such reviews whilst on the go.

What Are the Benefits if You Monitor Your Online Reputation with Online Reputation Management Tools?

When you are running a business that relies on its online presence, it is incredibly important that said online presence is a positive one. As such, reputation management is crucial so that when people search you, they will be happy with what they see.

You can create as much content and receive as many positive reviews as you like, but without online reputation monitoring, you are going to be unable to see whether what you are doing is effective. As such, having online reputation management tools that can monitor posts on Google and online conversation being had on social media, will be a massive benefit when it comes to seeing how you and your brand are perceived on the internet.

Do You Need Help with Monitoring Your Online Reputation?

Though keeping an eye on your online reputation is very important, it is also a lot of work. Scouring the corners of social media and Google so that you know what steps to take to improve your online image is a perilous task to undertake whilst also actually running your business. As such, there are a lot of organisations who choose instead to get the assistance of reputation management organisations who can lend a helping hand.

There are businesses such as Igniyte out there who can help you with monitoring your online reputation. They will do this by using the tools discussed above and assisting with the creation of content that will help to make your online presence much more appealing to potential customers.

Having a good presence online is going to assist massively with generating new customers and ensuring people are not put off engaging with your brand.